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Students and Parents


At YFS we believe every young person, regardless of age and background, can make the most of entrepreneurship value, unlocking their potential and creating positive impacts to the society.

You can be a change maker to bring entrepreneurship education to everyone, globally, too.

Become a #ChangeMaker for YFS

With the gift of your time, talent or donations, you can become a global ambassador for Young Founders School.


Small Title

  • Invite your friends and family to join YFS-run programs

  • Connect YFS with your school teacher / community representative, so we can make YFS programs happen in other schools and organisations!


Small Title

  • Make a promotional video of what you think about our programs. 
    (Don’t know how? No worries! Our team at YFS can guide you through the process. Contact us!)

  • Share with us your recent achievement! We want to know what you are up to after graduating YFS programs.


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  • Contact us to make a donation. Every penny counts!

  • Develop a fundraising project at your school or community. Share our mission with others!

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