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Corporates and
Business Professionals


Our corporate partners bring essential investment and expertise to our work. We welcome individual professionals or groups of employees from a wide range of industries to inspire and motivate the next generation of #YoungFounders!


The YFS Internship has given me a really good experience for me to lead a young team. Because I was hesitant what can a group of students do? (The students) have really open my eyes. It absolutely gave me the idea that I can offer ongoing internship for high school students.

-- Cecilia Lui, Founder & CEO of ILIA Connect
Company host of YFS Virtual Internship Program

Why partner with Young Founders School?

With the gift of your time, talent or donations, you can become a global ambassador for Young Founders School.

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CSR Effort

  • Develop corporate social responsibility with our volunteering and partnership opportunities such as providing mentorship and develop a co-branded course.

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Discover Young Talents

  • Find young team members and project help through hosting interns for your startup company. You might be able to see things from a young, fresh perspective!

Ways to contribute

As a small-medium charity, giving your time or resources makes an invaluable difference to us. To discover more partnership ideas and opportunities, please contact us.


Volunteering at the Startup Bootcamp


We need mentors to guide our students through developing a pitch deck for their startup project, or “venture capitalists” to judge and provide feedback on their business. We welcome any kind of support (e.g. seed funding, prizes) to motivate our young founders to be!

Learn more about our YFS Startup Bootcamp

Contribute your Expertise

Share your knowledge and skills from the professional field. You can teach a workshop on financial literacy or LinkedIn networking, or host a workplace visit – any way to inspire students and connect them to professional skills and future of work!

We welcome corporates to develop co-branded courses with us. Our education team will offer help to sure quality course delivery.


Host Student Interns

Offer a virtual work experience for high school students in our project-focussed internship program. It helps equip the youth with essential workplace skills and knowledge, while contributing genuine business value to host company.

Read about our YFS Virtual Internship Program

Fundraising or in-kind support

Support YFS through donation or in-kind sponsorship. It can be e-book vouchers or VR spectacles as a reward to the winning teams at our Startup Bootcamp, or sponsor YFS in developing new offerings to students.

With your help, we can work towards providing equal opportunities for all young people, regardless of their age and background, globally.

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