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Entrepreneurship programs for youth, globally.


Courses and internship opportunities for secondary school students

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Our Inaugural 

YFS Gala Dinner

On Saturday 31 August 2024, we will be hosting a spectacular evening with some of the best entrepreneurs from Singapore coming together to help support and further our mission to reach one million young people globally.


The funds raised will go towards YFS courses and internships to help transform

the lives of these promising young stars.

Who We Are

We are a technology-focused education non-profit that aims to change the way entrepreneurship is taught.



We have worked with Google Certified Educators and leverage the newest pedagogies to create an evidence-based and accelerated learning environment.



Our programs connect students to a global network of successful entrepreneurs, innovators, and fellow student entrepreneurs.



We strive to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to solve the world’s biggest problems and bringing positive change to the world we live in.









Our Programs

Kevin Do Cao

YFS Graduate

Young Founders School is much more than what you think it is. On the cover, it’s a free course that gives students the chance to experience what being an entrepreneur is. But after attending the course (in my case multiple times), I’ve come to discover that it is much more than that. Here, talented students from all sorts of backgrounds come together to develop skills they never knew they had, skills that aren’t taught within school and skills that are crucial in our modern society. They share ideas, merge ideas and come up with the most fascinating business proposals I’ve ever seen. At times, it may be overwhelming. But overall, this experience has truly been a turning point in my life and has changed the way I approach challenges in life.

What our mentors say

"The kids appear disorganised on the surface. But when you view them as a single entity, their behaviour is efficient and effective. They stand shoulder to shoulder and work energetically together. They move quickly, spotting problems and offering help. They try things, take risks, and notice outcomes, which guides thwm towards effective solutions."

Ahmed Fahad, Vice President, Pathao

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