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By partnering with YFS, you can give your students the chance to gain key skills that would be beneficial to their life and future career aspirations. Inspire the youth and help them discover their passion and potential with our entrepreneurship education program.

We empower students to build on their passion.

Our programs are designed to inspire students to attain personal growth and development that helps them succeed in the 21st century.

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Run YFS Programs at your school/organisation​

Our education team has put together a Startup Bootcamp package that includes curriculum, teaching materials, resources, learning online platform, and an operating guide to enable schools and organisations to launch entrepreneurship education for students.

Contact us and bring YFS programs to your classroom.

YFS also offers Ideation Workshop to schools and organisations as a FREE trial to introduce students to the world of entrepreneurship. Our education team also put together self-use materials with guides that enable any teachers or instructors to teach Ideation Workshop.

YFS runs regular workshops and programs open for all students to join. A blend of students from different backgrounds is proved to enhance learning efficacy. We welcome schools and organisations to promote our YFS entrepreneurship courses to the students. Our team can also reserve a few spots for each school/organisation.

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